The incredible Xe Sands has taken on a near impossible task. Collaborate with a big ol' mess of narrators to present audiobook listeners with an eclectic holiday giveback. Throughout the month of December several gratis selections from various narrators will be presented each day, and hosted (very graciously) at the Literate Housewife blog.

December… the time to give thanks for those things that have sustained us through the past year. For narrators, a huge part of that is YOU, the listening community! As we wind down 2016, we want to give back to you, our listeners, who help make our job so rewarding, and who travel with us on each audiobook journey. SO! Over 60 narrators have partnered to bring you FROM THE HEART – recordings of poetry, essays, stories, excerpts, songs, etc. – throughout the month of December. Each day, beginning Thursday, 12/1, look for 2-3 new (and free!) audio postings. You’ll hear things from voices you’re familiar with as well as some that are new to your ears, all of whom are so very grateful for your listening love this last year! Hope you’ll join in the fun!

This selection comes from IN THE STARS I'LL FIND YOU & Other Tales of Futures Fantastic, by the talented Bradley P. Beaulieu, acclaimed fantasy and sci-fi author. Recorded at Rohan Audio, each of the eleven short stories in the collection explores our very human relationship with technology.

In 'Quinta Essentia', Sean Brannon’s body was ruined by David Lock, a scientist driven by his quest to unlock the secrets of Quinta Essentia, the most elusive of the magical elements. However, it’s only after the Jovians land that Sean and David both discover the real secrets of the fifth element.

Please enjoy this offering and visit Xe Sand's facebook page for information on how to WIN an audiobook every month for the next year!

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