Publishers Weekly Review: AND WE'RE OFF

This coming of age story about a daughter's once-in-a-lifetime trip and her nagging, unsupportive mother—who decides at the last minute to tag along, unfolds in Dana Schwartz's debut gem of a novel.

Publishers Weekly reviews the Listening Library audiobook of AND WE'RE OFF, doling out plenty of praise for the deftly executed narration.

For the audio edition, voice actor Fortgang adds realism to the mother-daughter dynamic at the center of Schwartz’s debut novel...Reader Fortgang captures both the youthful frustration of a teenager yearning to be independent and the jadedness of a middle-aged mother whose life did not turn out the way she’d hoped. She is most impressive during the many arguments between mother and daughter, who they bicker their way through Paris, Amsterdam, and Ireland. Fortgang bounces back and forth between characters so effortlessly that it sounds as if two actors are providing the dialogue. Fortgang is also adept at accents, creating distinctive voices for Scottish, Irish, and Australian characters. Her lively and entertaining narration makes this fun story even more of a treat to listen to. Ages 12–up.

A Razorbill hardcover. (May)

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