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Audible: Narrators' Favorite Performances 2019 - LITTLE WOMEN

As masters of their craft, narrators offer an inside perspective on what’s made 2019 a standout year. So, Audible asked them to think back on the many hours spent in the studio and share their most memorable moments. These are the performances that left an indelible mark on them as artists, and resulted in unforgettable, entertaining, and awe-inspiring listening.

Lauren details time spent on LITTLE WOMEN, a beautiful new full-cast production featuring narrative by Laura Dern.

"I look back on the experience, unsure if I can identify the line between the family of fictional characters we portrayed and the family we built over those 80 or so hours and nearly 700 script pages! It enriched me tremendously as an actor and I hope listeners love it!"

Read the full collection of memorable moments here.



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